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Anaheim Waste Management has been proudly serving the Anaheim & Nearby area providing professional and reliable mold removal service including mold information and advice for the community since 2012. Our inspectors are State-Licensed Mold Assessors with the State of California and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of residential & commercial mold inspection and mold testing techniques.

What We Do For Mold Damage


Mold Inspections

Perform the Mold inspection and assessment is the priority at first, and most important, equipment in detecting hidden mold issues or conditions that could be most important to hidden mold growth. Many times there are water intrusions issues occurring that are hidden from sight & can only be detected with special equipment.


Mold Testing

The Mold inspection will help determine what type of testing is needed to properly assess the scope of the mold growth inside the property. The samples are sent to a certified renowned microbiology laboratory for details analysis. Generally, the results will be available as soon as 24 hours.

best Mold Damage Restoration service

Mold Removal/Repair

Anaheim Waste Management is qualified & certified for many different types of damage inspection and restoration services. Not only do we provide top quality Mold Inspection and Removal, but we also offer many ancillary restoration services such as water damage, fire damage, cleaning service, various testing and more!


Organic Treatment

We all share the Earth and Anaheim Waste Management is dedicated to its conservation, which is the reason for our removal treatments rehabilitate without harming your property environment.


Structural Drying

Moisture can get deep inside of your property, collecting in hidden places or even compromising the structure itself. We don’t stop our mold remediation process with the mold you can see only.

best Mold Damage Restoration service

Decontamination and Restoration

Mold decontamination before restoration is one of our top priorities. We take wide range measures to ensure the cleanness of your property. If one area is of concern, we block the rest of the property to avoid cross-contamination. Your mold trouble combined our solution will guarantee a purifying property.

Understanding the Mold Damage

Here you can see the water in this crawl area. This is the kind of area which can spawn great numbers of molds, especially the dangerous black mold. If you should have a crawl area under your property that looks like this, you should immediately call a mold cleaning service here in Anaheim CA. And you should ask them if they have fully qualified black mold removal experts. If they aren’t, stay away from them. If you want to be sure that you are talking to the best mold removal service you can find in Anaheim, call the best at Anaheim mold Remediation Services, Call Anaheim Waste Management.

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