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A firing incident whether it is in your home or business can be one of the most shocking things you will ever have to go through. The Chances are since you are reading this page you have been affected in some way. May be you are asking yourself the tough questions such as; What now? Why me? We understand it is a very tough situation but our Fire Damage Restoration Service Team is filled with professionals who knows what it takes to ease the situation and put your mind at peace.

Fire Damage is accompanied by soot, smoke and usually water damage.

 What to do after the Fire Damage

The Fire damage restoration process should begin as soon as possible after a fire – ideally, within the first day or two. Doing so prevents the smoke damage including shoot from getting worse, as they are acidic chemical reactions that will actually spread when untreated. Also, a very quick response prevents the water used during fire suppression from further damaging the home by creating new mold damage, a common scenario in Anaheim’s humid environment.

Fire Damage Restoration Standards

The Day one of fire damage restoration involves an inspection of the entire home, inside and out, including its basement. All of the structural damage should be identified. Also, the initial home inspection will identify: 

  • wet smoke residue
  • dry smoke residue
  • fuel / oil soot
  • fingerprint powder
  • fire extinguisher residue
  • any additional water damage

The Unaffected areas are also identified and protected so that the restoration process is as cost effective as much as possible. All home content are catalogued and removed to a secure, state-of-the-art location for ozone treatment and dehumidification for smoke odor elimination.

Fire Damage Repair

The Restoring of any home involves reconstruction that specifically matches the exterior and interior of the undamaged sections of the home. Even so, a fire-damage home restoring and rebuilding requires fire damage and mold damage certified professionals, not just general standard contractors.

Our fire restoration team has seven years’ experience handling thousands of fire-damaged homes in Anaheim, CA and surrounding area of Anaheim.

If you’ve incurred fire damage in your home, contact us for an immediate response.

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